Yarn-dyed Jacquard tablecloth Ramatuelle curry

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Yarn-dyed Jacquard tablecloth Ramatuelle curry.

Jacquard woven in 100% cotton yarn-dyed fabric, treated with a Téflon coating which repels water and oil for an easy care. Your tablecloth is of a high-quality fabric and will hold its inherent properties such as its look, suppleness and fluidity. The vibrant patterns and colors will highlight the natural drape of the Jacquard fabrics.

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  • Jacquard tablecloth Ramatuelle curry rect. 250cmx160cm $125.00
  • Jacquard tablecloth Ramatuelle curry square 160cmx160cm $97.00 Sorry, this model is currently unavailable.
    You can contact us to reserve it for our next arrival from France.
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Product Features:
  • Yarn-dyed Jacquard.
  • 100% cotton, Teflon coated.
  • Stain resistant.
  • 30° wash
  • Made in France.

Our tips for caring your yarn-dyed Jacquard tablecloth woven in 100% cotton and treated with a Téflon coating

Your Jacquard provencal tablecloth is treated with a Téflon coating (DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector) which repels water and oil. This protection permeates every fiber instead of being applied only to the outer layer. It allows any liquid to bead up and roll off the surface of your tablecloth. It can be wiped off or soaked up with a clean cloth and dry stains can be easily brushed.
30° wash with a small amount of detergent, followed by a slow spinning speed. Do not machine dry and iron on the uncoated side to reactivate the properties of the protection. You may find more details about the maintenance tips on our French manufacturer l'Ensoleillade.
Made and imported from Provence.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you do have questions.